Exhibition: Ramon Casas. La vida moderna
19th March - 3th May 2016, MMBCN, Barcelona, Spain
DATE: 19/3/2016
Between 19th March and 3th the guided tours of the exhibition Ramon Casas. La vida moderna, will take place at Casa Bertrand-Museo del Modernismo de Barcelona, in Barcelona, Spain. 

The motive of this exhibition is the celebration of the Ramonīs Houses year.

Few Catalan artists have left such a clear mark on the understanding of social and political history of contemporary Spain as Ramon Casas. illustrator, poster artist, portraitist and interpreter of changes in a country that entered with great social transformations in the twentieth century and that the aesthetic, looked to Paris. Coinciding with the sesquicentennial of his birth in 1866, the Museum of Modernism in Barcelona organizes the sample of Ramon Casas. Modern life that is emerging as an ambitious retrospective tribute to a figure whose facility for drawing made him irreplaceable portraitist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The formation stage, Casas and his first trips to Paris make up the first of the thematic sections of the exhibition, which also focuses on the social chronicle, cycling and motor sports, artistic and literary magazines, pictures of cool and manolas, Julia and portraits of contemporary personalities.

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