Publication: Une Cité Moderne
Introduction be Richard Klein, Editions du Patrimoine, 2016
DATE: 1/5/2016
A new facsimile of Une Cite Moderne from Mallet-Stevens will be published in May 2016 by the Editions du Patrimoine. Introduction (French and English) by Richard Klein

"In 1922, the publisher Charles Massin published a splendid portfolio of young architect Robert Mallet-Stevens(1886-1945): A MODERN CITY. The set included 32 boards together in a luxury cartonnage, reproducing drawings in ink and colors set by stencilling. strongly influenced by the Viennese style - it must be remembered that Mallet-Stevens was the nephew of Adolphe Stoclet who had their palaces built by Josef Hoffmann - these boards are a manifesto of modern art. Cinema, library, museum, hall, sports pavilion, workers´ houses, vacation hotel, city hall, stoppingtram church building relationships are some of the projected buildings, offering the amateur way of ideal city. This is another face of the architect who created ten years later the villa Cavrois which is proposed here.The portfolio is now reissued in facsimile, as close to the original edition."