Exhibition: Arquitectura em Concurso: Percurso Crítico pela Modernidade Portuguesa
29th March - 29th May 2016, CCB Garagem Sul, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 29/2/2016
Between 29th March and 29th May 2016, the Exhibition Arquitectura em Concurso: Percurso Crítico pela Modernidade Portuguesa, will take place at Garagem Sul in Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), Lisbon, Portugal.

The opening will be in 29th March at 19h in Garagem Sul. 

"The architectural competitions allows a reading of transformations in Portugal since the beginning of the twentieth century. The national pavilions in the great universal exhibitions, to public equipment programs financed by the European Community through natural examples, such as Expo 98. The competitions can present a possible picture of the transformation of the country. In this sense, the exhibition "Architecture in competition" is the critical register of this route by the Portuguese modernity. A journey in which the Portuguese Architects have played a key role."

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