Results: Reworking the Bauhaus-Era in Dessau - Workshop 2012
Dessau, 2012
DATE: 0/0/0
Workshop 2012: Reworking the Bauhaus-Era in Dessau 
Optimizing the energy efficiency in the housing estate Torten

"[...] The project for a comprehensive energy efficiency optimisation of the Bauhaus, developed by Winfried Brenne, Berlin, together with the office of Transsolar, Stuttgart, and accompanied by the department of construction and building at the Bauhaus, here by Rainer Weisbach and Monika Markgraf, is exemplary for combining great respect for the highly sensitive monument and a most precisely formulated proposal to enhance energy efficiency and comfort contemporaneously.
Our idea was to bring firstly this exemplary project to the attention of schools, professors and students Europe-wide, and secondly to investigate - in the frame of an international workshop to be held in the Bauhaus itself - to which extent it would be possible to transfer the experiences made in the Bauhaus to a different set of buildings again from the Bauhaus-Era, and more precisely to the Torten Estate, to the House Anton, the Steel-House and to the House with Balcony Access was formulated. [...]"

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