Competition: Prix MPF-René Fontaine - Architecture & Patrimoine
15th June 2016, Maisons Paysannes de France, Paris, France
DATE: 15/6/2016
Until 15th June 2016, Prix Maisons Paysannes de France-Rene Fontaine - Architecture & Patrimoine is open for entries.

"This competition awards prizes for works of rehabilitation, extension or integration of a contemporary building, carried out according to the rules of the art in the spirit of the association:
- respect for the original architecture
- use of local materials and traditional techniques
- ecological concern
- harmony with the existing building and the surrounding landscape"

Who can participate?

"Any client (individuals, municipalities, associations...) who have undertaken:
- restoration works in an old building (dwelling house in the city or in rural areas, farm, bread oven, wash house, chapel, farming complex, tourist accommodation, village house, mill, dovecote...) - Endowment of € 8,000 from the Heritage Foundation, distributed in several prizes;
- harmoniously integrated contemporary buildings - Endowment of € 3,000 from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, distributed in several prizes."

"The awards will be announced during the International Fair of Cultural Heritage in November 2016."

More details: website