Meeting & Forum: 19th Meeting and 5th International Forum of CIALP
23rd - 27th February 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
DATE: 23/2/2016
Between 23rd and 27th February 2016, it will take place the 19th Meeting of CIALP (International Council of Portuguese Language Architects), at the headquarters of IAB (Institute of the Architects of Brazil), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Alongside this meeting, between 24th and 26th February 2016, it will take place the 5th International Forum of CIALP, under the theme "The Contemporary Metropolis. The Multiplicity in the Lusophone Cities." and on the 25th February 2016 at 9:00, it will take place the 7th General Assembly of CIALP, both at the headquarters of IAB, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"Taking Rio de Janeiro, home of the 27th Congress of the International Union of Architects in 2020, as a central theme, the aim is to know and discuss the history, the current situation, the ongoing transformations and the future of a city desired for everyone. Somehow, Rio de Janeiro can be and should be considered as a paradigmatic case study for Portuguese-speaking countries and territories as well as for the Congress."

"CIALP, along with its member organizations, hopes to promote a reflection on the importance and potential of the central areas of the metropolis as development actors."

Address: IAB, Rua do Pinheiro, 10, Flamengo, RJ.

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