Conference: Landschaft - 14th Karlsruhe International Meeting for Theory and Practice of Architecture
24th February 2017, Department of Architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
DATE: 24/2/2017
The Modern and the Current Practice

“The concepts of modernity and of the future of landscape is the subject of international exchange on particularly significant architecture and planning of the 20th century, on open space planning, ecology of urban space and societal and cultural change.

At the same time, will be discussed the latest projects and tendencies and ask: "What requirements and strategies are the current and future prospects?"

The lectures and discussions provide the discourse for and with architects, engineers, artists, landscape and urban planners, conservators, politicians and general users of the landscape as urban territory and one of the important topics of this international conferences on the contemporary treatment of modern architecture.

After the Meeting, on 25th February, there will be an excursion to current landscape projects, in Frankfurt.

More details: pdf below (German)